ShedBoss are leaders in steel building design, and we go to the effort to engineer your shed to suit your site. Not only do we consider your wind region, but also site-specific design criteria such as topography, terrain, shielding and your planned use.

Our site-specific applications and pre-engineering has been reviewed by the independent organisation, ShedSafe. Their audit accredited our alignment with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia which gives you confidence in the product you are buying.


ShedBoss have the commercial shed design that’s right for you. With our flexible design software, our local outlets can create a custom building quote in minutes to suit your industrial-zoned property with a BCA Class of 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.



Many of our commercial clients require multi-purpose space. Most businesses need the workshop space, areas for storage plus office space for the administration of their operation. Our flexible design system allows for the integration of internal walls, mezzanine flooring to create raised first floor offices, and a variety of access points. 

Our incremental bay widths, height, span and length deliver a variety of layout options, plus the ability to offer multi-tenancy style buildings. To view our commercial buildings please take a drive-by Emerald Ambulance Station in Egerton Street Emerald and AC Whalan in Richards Court Emerald.

Build your dream project with absolute peace of mind with our precision-designed sheds & garages.

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