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ShedBoss Emerald generally signs an 8 week contract with our clients for Domestic work.  Commercial projects generally take 12 months this is due town planning and development applications that are required.  At time of initial enquiry we do a free no obligation quote, once our quote is accepted from our client we will attend site and perform a free site measure and identify additional building requirements prior to signing a contract.  Once our site inspection is completed a contract will be drawn up for our customers consideration, during the cooling off period changes can be made without any effect on the project.  Once the cooling off period has passed we will obtain engineering approval and commence the building approval process.  Once we obtain a building approval we will order the shed and commence earthworks and concreting.  Generally the shed kit will take 4 weeks to arrive on site from date of order.  Once the shed kit has arrive our hardworking team will attend site and erect the shed.  Once the shed is erected we ensure our customer is happy and we will book the private certifier to attend site and inspect our works.  Following the inspection we will be issued with the form 21 which is the final approval for our shed.  We will conclude our business with our customer once the form 21 is issued.

Our sheds are designed to suit your location. It is absolutely critical, that a site specific is conducted at the time of quoting your shed many shed designs vary depending on your location for example, cyclonic, wind region A or B or non-cyclonic region. When our team conducts a quote we will ask you for your address where the shed is going to be located this will enable our team to correctly assess your shed taking into account factors like wind speed, surrounding terrain & topography. As a shed safe accredited provider it is imperative that these processes are followed to ensure our sheds are fit for purpose and designed for the exact location. Our sheds being site specific mean they will be designed according to the conditions where they are placed.  Our sheds are strong tough and built to last.

Our competitors cannot always offer turn key packages our business definitely offers turn key solutions.  When thinking about purchasing a shed consider who is going to erect it? There are many different options, erect it yourself, have a business like ours to take the project from start to finish, or try and find someone to build it for you.  We love taking projects from concept to completion and our team are ready to start your project today. 

Before purchasing your next shed research our company check out our reviews.   We have been operating in the Central Highlands for the past 10 years and we have a lot of repeat customers and word of mouth referrals.  This means ShedBoss is trusted and customers are satisfied with our service and product. Give out team a call today to discuss your requirements we listen, and provide solutions to your needs. 

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